Can you believe we've been deceived?

It's confusing  but true,  its nothing new.

Most have good hearts, so we can't fathom the art...

The art of destroying humanity, this begins the insanity.

If we are kept numb, feeling "less than" and distracted, the deception is easy and our numbers become contracted.

We can't understand pure evil at it's core, and yet we believe in the virtue or our leaders, "trusted" professionals to lead us to shore.

The shore of freedom? No! Safety! It's a much better trade. We give away our freedom and they make us "safe" slaves.

But there are too many of us, "they" want us reduced, with the birth of A.I -no need to reproduce. 

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, or S.A.D.S for short...

What a mystery! Healthy people dropping dead, do you believe the reports?

The reports that doctors don't know what's causing it, how can they be so blind? Humanity has just been guinea pigs for the world's largest experiment of the absolute worst kind.

"Safe and Effective" the motto for the last year...put this gene altering injection into your arm, you've got nothing to fear. 

Now babies and toddlers are "eligible", thank God! 

We can inject them with this "Safe and Effective" juice, what could go wrong?

Oh, nothing...just look away, scroll tik tok, post a pic, watch Netflix and call it a day.

Being deceived, it's unbelievable, bewildering, yet humbling and difficult to ingest...but can we all "just say no" to these medical experiments, stick together and try to do our best?

Our best to take back our power, CRITICAL thought, and informed consent. If we all stand up and say "no", then         Agenda 2030, we will circumvent.