Complex and Nuanced


"Complex" - Adjective - consisting of many different and connected parts.

"Nuanced" - Adjective - characterized by subtle and often appealingly complex qualities, aspects or distinctions.

The time I find myself in right now is complex and nuanced. 

I've never been one for politics, political science or following mainstream news.  I have long appreciated the saying "When all you have is a hammer, you tend to treat everything as a nail." - because modern medicine tries to find the "one thing" to treat a complex pattern/disease/health crisis. This doesn't work.

I find myself watching more mainstream news and following politics lately to see what is actually being televised, promoted and propagandized into the masses. Nothing has changed regarding so called "health care" information in the media -  the hammer and nail analogy is still in full effect and stronger than ever.

For the last two years, regarding the "COVID pandemic" the "problem" is the virus, and the solution is the vaccine. Really?  Is that the only hammer we have? 

This is a very complex and nuanced situation and when you realize that the definition of "vaccine" was changed in 2021 on the CDC website from meaning  “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease” to the current “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases"  you know that we are being deceived.

The term "Vaccine" has always been interpreted as a "product that stimulates a person's immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease", but we now see, after one year of the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out that this is NOT the case. Israel has the highest vaccination rate, they are on their 4th shot, and yet covid cases are running rampant in that country - not seeing this on the nightly news are we?

The fact is the vaccine has been treated as the only hammer we have and the nail is the virus - just keep hitting it with the hammer and it will go away. But we are playing "Wack-a-Mole"  hit it in one area, and it pops up somewhere else. This COVID-19 vaccine is not the solution, it NEVER was the solution - it doesn't even work - I saw probably 50 + patients over the last 3 months who had covid and still had 2-3 COVID injections prior to getting COVID - if that is what it was, we know the rapid antigen tests are non-specific anyways and can detect other microbe fragments (like influenza). 

The COVID-19 vaccines are the Trojan horse we let into our lives, along with vaccine passports and  QR codes with downloadable apps so our trusting and honorable government can track/trace and control us.  I understand that many of us have been coerced and threatened with our jobs and livelihoods if we did not get the injection, I know the PROPAGANDA in the media has been fierce, intense and unrelenting with regards to "protect your loved ones", "do your part", and many have willing taken these experimental injections, believing that we are doing a good thing for ourselves and "trusting the science" (which is now coming out that the science is not there to endorse these medical products) - but ask the question - "if the vaccine works, and you got it, then why are you worried if your friend/neighbor/ colleague/ etc. did NOT get the vaccine?".

This is NOT how immunity works - everyone around you does NOT have to get a shot for yours to work. I studied immunology and microbiology in depth at University and Naturopathic college, what we are being told is blatant lies. 

This is the propaganda machine at play. Please understand the World Health Organization has a team of psychologists, sociologists and researchers who study what terms/messages and underlying feeling tones (guilt/shame/self-righteousness) work best at getting more people to "buy-in" to rolling up their sleeves and then hating their neighbor or relatives if they didn't do "their part". This is the study of psychology being used against us. We are being manipulated at every turn. We are ALL victims to massive manipulation coming at us from so many directions.

These COVID-19 vaccines are NOT "safe and effective" (again - a constant marketing message/ two-bit sound bite).  Two major insurance companies out of Germany and the U.S have just come out with data from 2021 stating that deaths and/or injuries are significantly higher in 2021 and cannot be explained as being COVID deaths, but some other outside influence causing this (hmm....experimental injections - maybe?).   This is a complex and nuanced problem. Maybe the increase in deaths are from social isolation and suicide - both related to lock downs and loss of social connection, but the overwhelming increase in blood clots, strokes and heart attacks cannot be ignored considering these experimental injections are linked to blood clots. 

As I was watching the political situation in Canada unfold over the last few weeks, I became more interested in politics and how our prime minister resembles a covert narcissist. He has wanted to "appear" as all inclusive, tolerant, someone who defends democracy, a "good guy" on the political stage, but he is not only a fraud and dictator, he accuses others of the very thing he is doing.  He seems to hate working-class Canadians, he can't stand people having a different opinion, thinking for themselves and wanting medical and bodily autonomy.  Maybe the information brought forth by Dr. David E. Martin regarding Trudeau having a personal vested financial interest in the patents used in the lipid nanopartical technology for vaccines and him receiving a kick-back is all true. Trudeau's "hammer" or solution to this "pandemic" is the "vaccine" and we better obey or else...  or else we get our restaurant, gym and sporting event privileges taken away.  How convenient, he punishes those who don't get their experimental injection, and he harms the small businesses who lose revenue - maybe because there is a global agenda to decimate small businesses and to funnel the wealth into big corporations. Trudeau is just playing along, thanks to his training from the World Economic Forum.  This whole "pandemic" and how its been handled globally, was never about our health and protecting us.

I don't want to lose hope, but lately, I've been feeling kind of hopeless for our human race. If we all don't come together quickly, drop our egos, realize that we have all been lied to, manipulated and led astray by huge corporations, big pharma and governments and global organizations (for hundreds of years, or maybe longer), our species won't thrive, let alone survive. If we knew that data was being censored from us, that well respected Doctors and scientists with dissenting voices have tried to warn us to not trust these experimental injections, we could turn this ship around. We truly are all in this together. We have to find a better way forward. I do think that the saying "Community is Immunity" is a good start. We need to build community. Bloom where you are planted...

Julie Mardian 

The 'Science' of manipulation