"The Experiment"


"The Experiment"

If we knew that this trial,

Wasn't complete for a while...

Would we give it more thought? 

Can our Freedoms be bought? 

Have we all sold our souls?

In this lifetime for a goal?

Do we know the end plan? 

A microchip in our hand?

But how could this be?

Its a virus, you see!!!

Its making us ill, there is no cure in a pill?!

We've been put into lock down, social pleasures taken away,

Free-floating anxiety barely kept at bay.

When the "solution" to our problem, through the media was announced...

Many rolled up their sleeves, praised Big Pharma and pounced! 

Pounced on the one "said solution", two shots and you're "free" !!!

Free to dine out, hug grandma and be...

But  "The Experiment" wasn't over, two shots turned to three.

Big Pharma and the governments are lovers, but don't fret,

They care about us and our families, I bet!

They hold the solution to our problem, they wouldn't steer us wrong...

Come on everyone, STOP questioning, being hesitant, and just play along!

Two shots in the arm, then three, and then four...

But we can't let our guards down, there's kids, toddlers and babies to explore.

Don't believe the scientists and ethical doctors who are warning us to STOP "The Experiment", they have nothing to say...

I trust Big Pharma and the government leaders - don't you? at the end of the day?

But wait...

Mass hypnosis, or mass formation, is that what this means? 

The blaring truth is right in front of us, but it can't easily be seen?

Time to admit...we've been duped, conned, herded and had...

Stop going along, its eroding our freedoms, is it time to get mad?

But maybe for some, they can't see the insanity...

For those souls, deep down, lost touch with their humanity.

"The Experiment" will not be blamed for more disease that we will soon see,

Oh no!   Heart attacks, rise in cancer and strokes will be blamed on the lack of trees.

"Global warming" is causing this, the headlines will shout, 

Don't question the narrative, climate change can cause all of this, just keep going about...

About your business, being distracted and losing yourself in the "meta" of things...

If you keep going along with  "The Experiment", do YOU want to see what it brings?

In the Podcast link below, Professor of Clinical Psychology at  Ghent University in Belgim - Mattias Desmet discusses with the show host how large populations of people willingly give up their freedoms. The process is called "Mass Formation".

This is a very helpful discussion and brings us back full-circle to the common thread in our humanity that we are all just trying to make the best decision(s) we can based on the information we are given. 

Mattias Desmet Interview

Here is more information to help parents make an Informed Decision:

Video: https://rumble.com/vqx3kb-the-pfizer-inoculations-do-more-harm-than-good.html

Write up: https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/media-resources/the-pfizer-inoculations-for-covid-19-more-harm-than-good/