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Warming Sock Treatment - for Head/Sinus and Upper Respiratory Congestion

  The Warming Sock Treatment is a Hydrotherapy treatment, based on simple physiology of stimulating blood flow to the feet to decrease congestion to the head. I remember doing this at school during first year hydrotherapy class at the Naturopathic college thinking this was silly. Little did I know how simple and effective this classical hydrotherapy treatment really is. I didn't appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of this treatment until years later when I had my own children, and did this on them at all ages (babies to young children) when they had stuffy noses and upper respiratory congestion.  I would put the damp wet socks on their warm little feet, cover the damp socks with thick woolen socks and send them to bed. They always woke up the next day less congested, able to breathe better and feeling like they had a good night's rest.  This is how to do this SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and SAFE treatment at home, to help yourself (or your family members). Warming Sock Treatment 

Rapid Response Antigen Test - Is it Accurate?

 I am writing this blog post as a mother, whose two children were each sent home with "Rapid Response  Covid-19 Antigen" test kits before the winter break. I found it quite concerning that the schools were handing out medical test kits, that clearly state on the insert under "Intended Use" that these rapid response Covid-19 Antigen Test Device "is intended for use by trained laboratory personnel or health care professionals."  How many students at the schools in Waterloo region (or anywhere in Canada for that matter) have parents or relatives that are trained laboratory personnel or are a health professional? Are there things about this test that we should be concerned about? Are people sure that they can perform them accurately?  But the real astonishing quote from the insert that came with this package is: "Positive results do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses." ( emphasis mine). What? Were the students that w

"The Experiment"

  "The Experiment" If we knew that this trial, Wasn't complete for a while... Would we give it more thought?  Can our Freedoms be bought?  Have we all sold our souls? In this lifetime for a goal? Do we know the end plan?  A microchip in our hand? But how could this be? Its a virus, you see!!! Its making us ill, there is no cure in a pill?! We've been put into lock down, social pleasures taken away, Free-floating anxiety barely kept at bay. When the "solution" to our problem, through the media was announced... Many rolled up their sleeves, praised Big Pharma and pounced!  Pounced on the one "said solution", two shots and you're "free" !!! Free to dine out, hug grandma and be... But  "The Experiment" wasn't over, two shots turned to three. Big Pharma and the governments are lovers, but don't fret, They care about us and our families, I bet! They hold the solution to our problem, they wouldn't steer us wrong... Come