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Immune Support

  How do we keep our Immune Systems Supported? Moving from summer to autumn, we are exposed to less sunlight, and more cold weather, we have more indoor time, more screen time and possibly more stress as children return to school and routines and demands of every day life get busier. Our immune systems are intricately connected to our environment - our internal as well as our external environment. Our minds, the thoughts we think, past traumas, stressful relationships, the food we eat, chemical exposure, nutrition, sunlight, clean water, etc. etc. So where do we begin supporting our immune systems when there are so many factors that affect it? First of all, we do our best with where we are at. In each given moment, we can choose to make decisions based upon our "highest good". Meaning - when we go grocery shopping, we can choose more fresh or unprocessed food over highly processed food. We can choose to go for a walk outside during our lunch break. We can choose water over so