I wrote this poem in June 2020  after a patient told me she now feels like a robot when at work. 

She works for an automotive manufacturing company. 


Masks on our face; stand six feet away

Only interacted with my screen today.

No shaking hands; be afraid of our friends

When is this madness going to end?

Kids in isolation, fear of hugging loved-ones

But it's “safe” to  play video games all day with on-screen guns.

Sanitize everything; cash is out of style,

This mass manipulation has been planned for a while.

If you contract “the virus” the death rate is significantly low

But don’t tell the public, Oh, they don’t need to know...

There is medicine and treatment - it works, it can help

But vaccines would be null and void - making big pharma yelp

Psychological trauma, angst and more fear pumped in,

We’ve got you cornered, now ...let mass vaccination begin.

Dear loved ones, ALL of humanity, its time to awaken and rise

WE have the power, the light of consciousness, let's use it and be wise.

If we don’t put a stand to this and connect the many dots

Some of humanity maybe - turned into Robots. 


  1. Very well said and true unfortunately ��


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