Myopia as a Metaphor in Medicine

Myopia as a Metaphor in Medicine 

By Dr. Julie Mardian, BSc., N.D. 

Myopia is another name for nearsightedness, meaning, you can't see far away.

A recent Chinese study monitoring over 123, 000 children annually found an increase in prevalence of myopia from 1.4 to 3 times in children aged six to eight in 2020 compared to the previous 5 years. This is due to children spending significant time indoors doing nearsighted activities such as online schooling.  "Quarantine Myopia" being the new term. With more children developing myopia at a younger age, it puts them at a greater risk of developing more serious eye disease later in life such as glaucoma, cataracts and detached retinas. 

This will be one of many long-term consequences the COVID-19 pandemic will have on humanity.

Using myopia as an example, this is a poignant metaphor for what is currently happening in medicine, the push for global vaccination and the inability to answer a very important question: "what are the potential long-term consequences, especially in our children, with this mass vaccination effort?"  I do support the use of selective vaccines, however, I think long-term studies have to be done first using mRNA vaccines before we widely distribute them on a mass scale.  So far, only a two month observation period was conducted before authorization of use of an mRNA vaccine on children aged 12-15 was approved. (In the U.S and Canada) Its a shortsighted, or myopic approach to medicine that will only show us the long-term consequences in the months and years ahead. 

We all know how COVID-19 has impacted our lives - drastically. I believe almost every person on the planet has been impacted in some way because of this global pandemic. I do want restrictions to be lifted,  but it is way too simplistic of us to assume that if we have a 70% + vaccination rate that we will get back to normal, now and in the near future.

Our immune systems, our environment and a host of many factors are much more complex than the notion being implied that "Vaccination = protection = getting life back to normal."   If only it were that simple. 

Just recently, in May 2021, a University of Guelph virologist named Byram W. Bridle has come forth and announced that scientists have had access to "Bio distribution studies" from the Japanese Regulatory Agency to see what happens to the spike proteins made in the body after an mRNA vaccination. It was the original assumption that mRNA vaccines behaved like traditional vaccines and just stayed at the injection site (shoulder muscle) and went to the local draining lymph nodes to activate the immune system to mount a defense against the virus spike proteins.

It is now known that this assumption is not accurate. 

The spike protein is a pathogenic protein, it can cause damage to organs if it gets into circulation. If the spike protein gets into circulation it can bind to platelets (causing blood clots) and it can bind to cells that line our blood vessels causing cardiovascular damage. The spike protein can circulate through the blood in individuals for several days post vaccination and it can accumulate in a number of tissues including the spleen, bone marrow, liver, adrenal glands and ovaries. The spike protein can cross the blood brain barrier, and affect the nervous system. What implications does this have on our children's growing bodies and brains? Does this potentially impact our children's fertility? We currently cannot answer this. 

In Israel where most of the population has been vaccinated, there was a link associated between mRNA vaccination and several dozen cases of heart inflammation in young adults. Some Israeli women have also reported changes in their menstrual cycle following vaccination. This is but two of many changes documented around the world, but now it is seen in young adults.

Is it wise to give an mRNA vaccine to our children, knowing that the chances of them getting severly ill and dying from this disease in Canada is 0.004% as of May 28, 2021? 

What about using other medicines that have been repurposed, researched, safe, and shown high efficacy to treat COVID-19, such as Ivermectin?  Why has the clinical data compiled by Dr. Pierre Kory, MD and other researchers from  around the world, on this effective medicine not been promoted by prominent medical groups and the World Health Organization? Why are articles and social media posts about this medicine constantly being censored? 

Health Canada has now approved mRNA vaccinations for children 12 and older. The media keeps repeating over and over that the mRNA vaccines are "safe and effective", but without long term studies, how can we know?  We cannot confidently state that yet. 

"We don't know what we don't know" really applies here, and we need to be much more humble in admitting that. 

I think as a society, we need to stop, take a step back and critically look at the global situation and what is being constantly advertised, promoted and touted as the only solution to getting back to normal. We need to critically analyze all potential side effects and what this means for everyone ~ especially our children. 

Being told that mass vaccination is the only solution without knowing the long-term effects on our children is very shortsighted of us, and now implementing this mass vaccination effort in my opinion very irresponsible. 

As a mother, Naturopathic Doctor and someone who cares about our future generations, we need to be extremely cautious. We have a right to question what is being promoted and told to us to blindly follow. How can we have "informed consent" when we really don't know exactly what we are consenting to? We have a right to inquire about "What are the long-term consequences of mRNA vaccines?", especially in our children, and then look beyond our shortsightedness for other solutions.