"First, Do No Harm"

By Dr. Julie Mardian, B.Sc., N.D

The first principle in medicine is "Primum non nocere", or "first, do no harm".  

Right now in Canada, there is a mass campaign to use an experimental vaccine on children aged 12-17, with no long-term safety data.  Canada became the first country in the world to approve the Pfizer vaccine for this age group in May 2021.

Some public health units don't require a parent's consent, so essentially tweens and teens can make this decision on their own. Children who cannot drive yet, children who need permission to get a tattoo, teens who need  to be 19 in Ontario to drink alcohol ~ they are allowed to make a medical decision that we have no long-term safety data on. Does this make sense?  How can we know for sure that  this medical intervention  will do no harm? 

The data currently being used in which this recommendation has been made had a trial that went for four weeks.  Children in this age category were given the first dose of the pfizer vaccine, then three weeks later given the second dose and then followed for one week.  Yes, the 1000 children in the vaccinated group of this study tested negative to SARS CoV2  by the end of the four week trial, which means it was 100% effective, compared to the placebo group which had a 1.6% infection rate, but we have to remember that cases do not equal disease. 

So yes, you can say the vaccine is  effective after a four week assessment, but there is absolutely no way drug manufacturers can claim that it is safe.

Health Canada has statistics as of May 28, 2021 showing a mortality (death rate) of 0.004% in people under 19 who contract covid 19, or inversely people under 19 have a 99.996% survival rate - so why are we as a society vaccinating a very healthy sub-set of the population with virtually no risk of death from this disease?  Does this make sense? 

Children and teens in this age group have also been found not to be spreading the disease through asymptomatic transmission.  Children's immune systems are robust and help to build herd immunity after they encounter this virus and clear it. 

 VAERS  (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) in the U.S, reported there have been over 5000 deaths associated with the COVID vaccine. (From Mid December 2020 to June 2021). That is more deaths reported in the last 6 months from ONE type of vaccine (COVID 19) than all deaths combined from over 70 vaccines in the last  20 years.

Dr. Tess Laurie from the U.K wrote an Urgent Open Letter to the Chief Executive Officer of the Healthcare Regulatory Agency on June 9, 2021, stating that based on the Yellow Card Data (Britain's reporting system for adverse events from medicines or healthcare products) COVID 19 Vaccines are unsafe to use in humans. Between January 4 and May 26 of this year, there were 1 253 deaths and over 888 000 adverse reactions linked to this vaccine. 

My concern is that we are not being told this - the mainstream media is only sending out one message, "Get a vaccine, the vaccine is good, don't worry about potential risk - its rare - do your part and roll up your sleeve". Side effects are NOT rare.  There are now hundreds of cases worldwide of young people having myocarditis (heart inflammation) after their 2nd shot of pfizer. 

We are having our freedoms dangled in front of us like a carrot - fully vaccinated people can travel and get on an airplane (with no need to quarantine upon arrival). Where does this end? Fully vaccinated people can go to school? Go to work? Fully vaccinated people can go to a concert? Get into a restaurant? Buy groceries? What's next? 

There is potential for yearly booster shots to be rolled out soon, will our freedoms be subjected to whether or not we get the booster shots? 

We are giving our freedoms away, unconsciously, bit by bit - all for the sake of the government and big pharma saving us from viruses.  (We have safe and effective treatments - article to come soon). 

We are being exposed to nothing but ongoing propaganda about variants - of course there are variants, viruses mutate, its normal. Any Virologist will tell you this, and tell you not to worry. Healthy immune systems can deal with this.

But with this constant talk about variants, it makes us more fearful and willing to get vaccines.  With the media keeping us in fear, always reporting on "cases" and "variants" and Waterloo region being a "hot spot", its to hyperfocus us on one thing.  It takes our power away, it puts many people in fear.  I have seen so many teens in my office suffering from anxiety and depression this past year.  

Is this doing no harm? 

We need to take our power back, and say "NO" - do not vaccinate our healthy children, give us alternatives if we do get sick that are SAFE and EFFECTIVE. They do exist.  

Check out the Canadian Covid Care Alliance and the Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance for well researched and helpful options. 



  1. Thank-you Dr Julie for your bravery, honesty and knowledgeable contribution to this tough topic during these troubling times… God bless and God speed!… Vic F.


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