A Call to Action for Parents

On June 17, 2021,  Derek Sloan, MP of Hastings-Lennox and Addington Ontario wrote a letter to the new incoming Chief Medical officer of Ontario - Dr. Kieran Moore.  In this letter he states his concern over the mass roll-out of COVID- 19 vaccinations on Ontario's youth and his reasons for asking that Ontario put a pause on this vaccination campaign until further safety testing is done.

Here is his letter: Derek Sloan's letter to Dr. Moore

I urge all parents to read this and pass it along to family and friends with children and teens at home. 

We need to have open, respectful and transparent discussions on what we are all currently facing and we need to look at facts and act wisely especially when it comes to protecting the wellbeing of our children and teens. 

Linked below is the video of Derek Sloan, MP  at Parliament Hill on June 17, 2021 along with Dr. Bryam Bridle, Dr. Patrick Phillips and Dr. Donald Welsh.  This was a Facebook live stream taken down by Facebook right in the middle of the presentation. It was also not covered by M.S.M. 

Please watch and pass it along: https://cpac.ca/episode?id=cd50ce93-5138-4489-a88f-bb8065b7aa32


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