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The problem with most of the online stores is they sell pretty well anything. There is no accountability to make sure the supplements are actually healthy for you. The shop.mnm.ca online store is completely different. The items in our store are the same ones prescribed to our patients, they meet the high criteria set by our Doctors. If you don't see a company then chances are they have not been approved by our team of experts. We currently only approve a handful of companies who have shown integrity throughout the sourcing and manufacturing process.

Other online stores also hide their address, or use email forms, to reduce your ability to contact a live representative. At MNM we put our terms, address, phone number, and contact information on all pages of the website. We have live customer service representatives and a supervisor standing by to answer your questions during business hours. Trust, Honesty and Transparency throughout your purchase process.

See us for Natural Remedies that really work?


  1. You have to sign in to see pricing at shop.mnm.ca
    Just make an account and login, you will be surprised to see a lot of the professional brands you have come to love at a lower price point than competing websites.


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