Bright Line Eating

The healthy diet endorsed by Dr. Julie Mardian, ND 

Since January 2020,  I have been promoting this cookbook for patients struggling with food addiction, weight gain, food cravings and poor eating habits.

This cookbook provides simple, back-to-basic recipes and guidelines for a whole-foods diet.  It can be modified for anyone on a gluten-free/dairy-free or plant based diet too. Bright Line Eating  can be a lifeline for people who need a concrete plan to deal with food addiction - especially addiction to flour and sugar products.

The work by Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson has shed an enormous light on the fact that flour products and sweeteners in any form can trigger an addictive cycle in the brain for some people who cannot just eat one bite of something or have treats "in moderation". 

People with food addiction may not even know they have a disordered relationship to food until they take the susceptibility quiz: 

I encourage anyone who scores a 7 or higher on the susceptibility quiz to consider adopting this approach to eating. 

About Bright Line
Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free is a New York Times Best Selling book by Susan Peirce Thompson with a foreword by John Robbins. Thompson references neuroscience, biology and psychology to explain how the brain blocks weight loss and then gives a solution without relying on willpower.

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  1. I have personally used this as a guide, and tool, to achieve my weight loss goals. March is my month for cleansing and following the guidelines in this book helps me achieve my weight loss goals every march and throughout the summer. In the winter I am a bit more relaxed but I always look forward to march and getting back on track . Phenomenal book and the only diet that has always worked for me. Although calling it a diet does not do justice to the author, this book is really about a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve good healthy eating habits.


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